Bruce Weary Wisdom: The 101 Series continues into 2016

Bruce’s ride goal?   Tevis.     So as the year progresses, we will share Bruce’s knowledge and experience as he prepares.

“READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: The new year brings transition and the need to set new goals. We lost my wife’s horse, Max to colic about a month ago, and while it was not only a painful loss, it eliminated any chance of Dayna going to Tevis this year, as her other horse is too young and undeveloped. But, as is her way, she quickly took the focus off of her grieving and insisted that I give it a try this year. A short while before we lost Max, I bought a horse from my friend, Troy Eckard. There was a lot of pleading and begging involved, but when I took my boot off his throat, he agreed to sell me his big strong gelding, Flash. :)Now, if you don’t know Troy, he has an amazing string of endurance horses, and he knows how to bring them along and how to campaign them successfully, carrying a heavyweight rider. If you are ever in trouble on the endurance trail, Troy would give up his ride to save you. If you and your horse are doing well, he will kick your ass on the way to the finish line. And threaten to take BC, as well. smile emoticon
It has been fun, and I hope educational for those who followed along, journaling here on FB about Major and his successes and failures over the last several months. I am happy to continue the “Major Updates” if there is interest, but I also thought it might be useful to post about our preparations and ride experiences over the next 7 months as we prepare to tackle the Tevis trail again. The reason I titled this post “Read At Your Own Risk” is because while I have attempted the Tevis several times, I have only finished it once, on a portly, opinionated TWH, name of John Henry. He has since gone on to three more completions under the hand of his owner, Dr. Susan Garlinghouse, who traded me some swamp land for him. That woman knows how to bargain.  Over the last several years, either the time hasn’t been right, or I haven’t had a horse that could safely attempt it. But, the time feels right, and I believe this Flash horse can do it. If I can get things right. I don’t know him that well yet, but he is a seasoned horse, and has been carrying a heavyweight for four years. I will post more details about him and the program I am developing when I have more time. I have a coach, and I’m sure I will have to return to some fundamentals in my own riding and fitness to be as ready as I hope the horse will be. I hope there are still a few friends out there that will care if we finish, as it’s always good to have folks pulling for you in something like the Tevis.
Unless there is objection, I plan to post just as I did about Major, including strategies, outcomes, mistakes, triumphs and anything else that I think might be useful to mention. We have some bad weather coming, so I may be able to post soon since I likely won’t be riding for a few days.”

Green Bean Endurance wishes Bruce & Flash good luck!

Cross posted with the author’s permission.

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