Green Bean Endurance is currently seeking donations for our prizes platform for 2016.  Every little thing is a BIG help, so if you can…please consider donating a prize in value of $5-$25 for our monthly give-away to our membership.   It fosters good will towards your business an / or motivates and excites riders relatively new to the sport of endurance.   Though we are a competition, that end result is secondary.   Our ultimate goal is to foster a sense of belonging, get people connected so when they get to rides they have contacts, and finally realizable growth goals.    Coming in to the sport can be lonely!  You don’t know anyone.  Maybe you are unsure of the readiness of your horse…that isolation early on kills the dreams of many aspiring endurance riders.   This group is about inspiring, connecting, and having fun.  

As a thank you for your donated endurance / equestrian item we will put put a clickable link on our website which is really picking up steam for endurance traffic.  These people will see your ad and know that you support the growth of this group of new riders.   If you can donate a new horse related item please contact     

Items we are currently in need of:

  • Lime green lead ropes
  • Screen printed GBE logo t-shirts
  • Sponsors for the mascot team (under 13)
  • Paypal donations in any amount to support year end awards (even a $1 helps!) 
  1. For shipping expenses of awards
  2. For awards themselves such as (small trophies, medallions, ribbons)
  • Biothane reins in any color
  • Bridle Charms 
  • Even horse cookies or electrolytes
  • Any useful new endurance related tack item.

 We thank you!

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