So a new season begins, and so does winter weather in much of the USA

All is not lost!   For those of you in the warmer climates your competition season can begin.  Hang onto those rides to post up when the scoreboard goes live, The rest of us who will be slogging,  sliding,  or dreading cabin fever for many cold months it is a great time to dig deep into some good books and articles on building a better horse.

Ride Like Potato  you know…that guy who has won TEVIS more times than you have contemplated it?   He’s claimed to be a crusty old dude, with a lot of horse smarts and a quirky sense of humor.  This book is short and sweet but should prove interesting at the very least. $7 at Amazon.

4th Gear Power up your Endurance Horse    by Dennis Summers (another guy that has a lap or two around the endurance trail.)  This book is geared for intermediate to advanced riding.

America’s Long Distance Challenge by Karen Bumgarner.   This book is highly recommended and is authored by an experienced 100 mile competitor.  Folks who can take horses successfully a 100 miles over and over and over, are the best educational resource available.    Love Karen’s book, so check it out!

Ten Feet Tall Still by Julie Suhr one of the masters of endurance riding.  Her book helps you to understand the learning curve, the mistakes people make, overcoming those, and becoming one of the most beloved personalities in the endurance riding world.   Great winter reading.

Soul Deep in Horses , Memoir of an equestrian vagabond, will take you into endurance rider,  equestrian; Merri Melde’s most excellent adventures.  Kindle price $9.99

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