2014-2015 Green Bean Championship TEAMS Announcement

2014-2015 Green Bean  Endurance Team Championship Announcement
TEAM & Individual Rider Season Results &Placements
The competition year at GBE has been so much fun! We have truly enjoyed the teamwork, growth, and passion exhibited through this competition. It is time to celebrate the many accomplishments this year. GBE’s goal is recognizing the small steps as each rider grows into big accomplishments.
Congratulations to each of you. You rocked the bean out of ridecamp!
GBE stats at a glance:
  • 25 teams consisting of 125 riders joined AERC for the 2015 ride season.
  • As a group we rode 11,905 total miles of AERC ride completions.
    • 50% of those rides were LD’s
    • 50% were Endurance
  • 4 riders completed 100 mile rides.
Dale Weaver, The Old Dominion
Laura Speer, Tevis
Cassidy Weithoff, Fort Ridgley
Leah Schnobrich, Fort Ridgley

Laura Spear crossing the finish line at TEVIS on the Spookaloosa!

The Green Bean Championship TEAMS

Overall High Mileage & High Point TEAM

FREEKS 2215 Points

Fort Ridgley Equestrian Endurance Kids (this TEAM was comprised of all juniors) mentored by Sarah Maass and Dana Gasner.

Leah Schnobrich TEAM: FREEKS cranking it down …

Division: On the Vine

(Combined rider experience 500 miles)

JOLLY GREENS -914 Points
Team members: Cassandra Green, Tracey Roush, Lindsay Gunzberger, Nicole King, & Laura McCormack.


(combined experience 501-2,499 miles)

FREEKS-2215 points

Team members: Grace Steffl, Cassidy Wiethoff, Leah Schnobrich, Alexis Unangst   and Emma Christopherson

The Green Bean Individual Championship Riders
Overall High Point Mileage Rider

Cassidy Wiethoff  – 785 points


  • On the Vine <100 recorded miles – Andrea Maitland -390 points
  • Picked < 101-500 recorded miles-Cassandra Green- 461 points
  • Cooked <501-199 recorded miles-Dave Wisniewsiki -343 points
  • Junior < 1000 recorded miles- Cassidy Wiethoff – 785 points

                              TOP TEN RIDERS

1. Cassidy Wiethoff  – 785
2. Grace Steffl – 480
3. Cassandra Green – 461
4. Leah Schnobrich – 450
5. Dale Weaver – 438
6. Andrea Meitland – 390
7. Laura Spear – 383
8. Nancy Russel Kerbo – 366
9. Phyllicia Mann – 343
10. Dave Wisniewski – 343 (tie breaker applied)
We were blessed with donations for this project  from many sources.  There are no adequate words to convey our gratitude for the heartfelt belief that bringing new riders into the sport is the very future of endurance riding.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you ♥
Business Sponsors 

Two Horse Tack
Custom Corral
Taylored Tack
Reid Tack Shop
Hooves & Whiskers
Windrider Tack
No Quarter Tack
Individual Donors
Shannon Conrad
Carrie Schene
Sandi Derr
Carla Richardson
Anne Cornell York
Shanna Bobbit

Thank you to those who give selflessly to this sport, their time and creative vision:

Thank you to the PNER group who’s vision brought forth the organic Green Bean movement, embracing riders where they are, and helping them get to where they want to go  People like you are the breath and life of endurance riding.
Thank you to Sharalyn Hay who’s vision built a social network  that fosters growth and  positivity.   You in your quiet way have helped to many!
Thank you Green Bean Team riders, those who had so many first attempts, first LD, first 50’s, first 100’s, and those who gave it their best.
Thank you to AERC and the Ride Managers for providing the ride venues that fuel all of our passions, small & large.    We appreciate all you do.

Bean there…done that!

Long live Green Bean Endurance

Jacke Reynolds & Debra Moe

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