Less than two weeks to go!

Only thirteen days left in the Green Bean TEAM competition ☺  As one of the TEAM leaders I’m so excited about the entire year.  Though there will soon be official winners, we also want to say that everyone that rode is a winner in our eyes.   You all got out there, you tested your limits, you LEARNED.  It is all kinds of AWESOME-NESS!

We will have some announcements coming soon:

  • Which TEAM won in each division.

  • The top ten high mileage riders.

  • A report of year end placements in general.

Requests for prize selection & shipping addresses to the various winners.

We hope to be photo-bombed by all the participants.  Some will go on our home page and some into photo bucket (must have photographer persmissions for actual professional photos), selfie’s l♥ved and accepted.

Requesting snippets about the best thing about the competition for you personally.

We ask that you decide on and remain patient on prizes.  We do want to verify the winners scores against the recorded records.  We will be ordering jackets for some that request them, and there will be about a month turn around on those.   So expect to receive awards between the last of December to last of January.  Those who select equestrian gift cards a bit sooner.   For donated prizes we will be at the loving will of the donors ♥thank you donors♥.

Then it is off and running towards 2016 ☺   May the Green Bean fire find it’s way!

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