Horse Temporarily Out of Commission? What to do?

Probably the best kept secret in endurance is how much fun volunteering can be.   You get to meet all the riders, hear commentary from the vets, observe how some of the top riders in the country handle their front running horses (valuable information on cooling, electrolyting, crewing).  Ride managers usually need all the warm bodies they can get to keep a ride running smoothly, and they will greatly appreciate your joining them in the chaos ☺  Jobs are plentiful:  In timer, out timer, pulse taker, vet scribe,  setting up the vetting areas, erecting canopies (yes, busy place that ride camp)!   But oddly enough, all the work quickly becomes a lot of fun.  You meet new people, have meaningful conversations,  network new riding buddies, all really good things.  So if your horse is taking a vacation, pack up the car, and take a drive to a ride camp near you to help out.

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