Does your horse have what it takes to be a successful endurance horse?

7 Characteristics of a Great Endurance Horse
by (Perseverance Endurance)

The Ideal Endurance Horse Conformation
by Michelle Roush, Practical Horseman

Focus on Discipline 
by Charlene Strickland, The Horse 

Selecting an Endurance Horse
by Nancy Okun, Trumbull Mountain 

 Horse Conformation Analysis
by University of Arkansas 

Judging Leg Conformation
Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, EquiMed

  Most of us ride the horse we have and structure our goals around the horse’s ability.   In this case you will have to condition and give it a try, to determine your horse’s ability to run endurance. Keep in mind that “success” is relative to one’s personal goals.   Once person’s success may be completing a ride each year, or to ride with a club, while another’s may be to shoot for a regional mileage championship,  National or International goals.  The more involved the goal, the more consideration one might take in selection of their horse.

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