So I’m new and my horse is a pasture potato

Bringing “Fluffy” to fitness can be daunting.  We are coming to the end of what is considered to be the endurance riding season and you may well think that you lost your chance to bring your pasture potato to fitness.   Fact is…this might just be the “perfect” time to begin your horse’s fitness program and have a toned beginner athlete by the first rides of spring.  Many weeks are encompassed over Fall & Winter, which is a great time to get the truly slow work done.   So where to start?  Walk.  That’s right, w-a-l-k.   Consider spending an entire six week period just having your horse walk for an hour a day.  Across fields, up hills, across inclines, in and out of creeks, traversing slopes, backing up through poles, stepping over logs or poles in various heights, a lesson here or there,  one hour a day with a day off each week.  Once that is easy…increase the distance, enjoy some slow winter rides, and just keep on trucking.  This will be the springboard from which you begin more serious conditioning efforts with the advent of Spring.

When pre-spring arrives try out one of these conditioning plans and plan your first ride of the 2016 season ☺

Conditioning Plans

  • Perserverance here.  

  • Old Dominion here.  

  • Cypress Trail here


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