Click here for the competition page.  This is where our TEAMS riders gather and cheer each other on.

Click here for our sister page North American Endurance Green Bean.  This page is friendly and help focused, and frequented by both beginners and a few experienced endurance riders willing to share their knowledge and experience with newbies (known as Green Beans).

If you would like to “join” Green Bean Endurance, it is free.  Just look at the tabs up above and follow instructions on the join tab.  Though there is a participation fee associated with joining a competition (how we are able to give prizes), being a member of Green Bean Endurance is no cost to you.   The benefits of joining is that you will will qualify for our sponsored endurance gear drawing.  We have given away a boat load of good stuff in 2015 thanks to some wonderful sponsors.

Feel free to browse the website, join in on conversation on the facebook pages or email us at

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