Goal Setting for the Green (and not so)

Sometimes we get into something (like distance riding) and we have this gy-nor-mous end goal in mind…we try ,and we try ,and we try…and keep falling flat on our face (or butt, or elbow, or other various body parts).  We simply set the brass ring so high that we can literally not touch it, let alone grab it to claim as ours.  So let’s talk a bit about realistic goal setting for the Green Bean set.

Itty Bitty Goals

Small incremental goals will keep you going.   What do I mean?    Well that depends on you!   Take a look at it this way.  Point A gets us to point B (not Z).  So using Itty Bitty Goal thinking my goal this week might be to:

  • Trot a preset course of 1 mile 6 times and get it done in an hour.
  • To have a schooling lesson working on gait transitions.
  • To have a leisurely ride at a park covering 15 miles in three hours (or so).
  • Hill climbing for on hour (that’s a half hour up and a half hour down).

Intermediate Goals

While Itty Bitty Goals get us from point to point and week to week, intermediate goals take us to a destination point.  An intermediate goal might be:

  • Sending off an entry and going to an LD ride.
  • Entering back to back LD rides (you see it depends where you are in your process).
  • Completing ___ number of rides in one season.
  • Moving up in distance at a ride.

You see that intermediate goals begin to push us forward into results, somewhere in the middle of the scale.   Perhaps the intermediate goal for the entire year is getting an LD done, or a 50.   Itty Bitty prepares, intermediate puts your feet into the game.

Super-sized Goals

Super-sized goals can get you moving or they can become a source of frustration and despair.   If you are going to set super-sized goals you will need the horse for it, the money to carry through, and likely a bigger time investment.  Super-sized goals are pinnacle rides that say, “hey! I’ve done something spectacular.”   But it takes both Itty-bitty and Intermediate to get you there.

Do it your way

Don’t let the goals and performance of others color your view of your own personal ride.  Don’t let someone else’s goals be your goals.  Make your own, have fun, and be happy!

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