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Notice: The bulk of our written content is by an Admin here at our site. Photos on site are donated by participants.  Some past articles have been shared and crossed over from our previous website.  We do use a lot of linked material that does not reside on our site.  But it came to our personal attention today that somewhere on our site was content (unknown at this time)  belonging to another party.  Unfortunately Admin does not know if it is a photo, a snippet of an article…or?  Or whom the offended party is.  So!  If we have inadvertently used content belonging to you, please contact admin@greenbeanendurance.org so that I can find that offending piece of data, offer a heartfelt apology, and promptly remove it!  We did a bit of housecleaning on the site, but I have no way to know…if I actually got it.  Thank you !  ~ Admin

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