Would you look at the GBE.org BEAN COUNTER!!!

Our little website is getting some hits.  We want to welcome you.  Some of our pages are under transition, but please explore, enjoy, and join!   Join up is free and requires nothing but a click, and a short simple form.  We will not sell your name and email, but we might draw your name from our pool of winners to give you a sponsored prize!

Our prizes are donated by like minded distance riders and retail sponsors.   In the past we have been able to give random members: biothane halters, bridles, and other tack from TWO HORSE TACK, A  helmet visor from Dabrim,    A Wap-Pom from Reid Tack (this is a pommel pack which holds water, and has little pockets for your stuff! An endurance rider (thanks Shannon C.) has gifted quite a few of our riders with grooming kits for their horses,  other private donors have assisted us in procuring the magical green sponge/leash combo, we’ve mailed a bunch of those out and donated some to Green Bean causes!   We have GREEN BEAN TEAM ditty bags for keeping your stuff together at the check.  Doesn’t cost the membership anything except a minute to sign up.   We have some outstanding sponsors!  Hooves & Whiskers donated a nice horse blanket, Taylored Tack donated a gift certificate for tack.   We are lucky to have people that care about the sport of distance riding and the importance of new riders feeling a part of the larger picture.  Thank you sponsors…and all you beans on the bean counter…join!  Just click the tab on the upper part of the page, fill out the short form, and you are instantly a member, just like that. ☺     We hope you join us, learn, feel secure in your ability to do the sport.   Visit our facebook page here and NAEGB here to join like-minded and excited Green Beans.  You can also join at NAEGB as a facebook member and have a shot at winning.

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