Competition vs. Completion

Jumping into distance riding can be intimidating!  That is why at Green Bean © we utilize a competition platform that is based on completion.   Here is the short course on how you can earn points by riding for completion rather than placement.    What?

It works like this:

25 mile rides = 25 points (you can turtle, ride mid-pack, ride to “your” horse’s level), just complete!

30 mile rides = 30 points

Now here is where the fun, growth, and strategy begin:

50-74 mile rides = (50 points X a bonus multiplier of 1.25 ) 62.5 points

75-100 mile rides = (the mileage X a bonus multiplier of 1.75) so a 100 mile earns 175 points

You aren’t riding for placement, you aren’t riding for BC (though in the course of your growth these things may eventually happen).  What you are striving for is a good, clean,distance ride finish. The Green Bean experience is to learn, ride your horse intelligently, build to the mileage that makes you happy as a rider (be it LD, CTR, or 100 mile endurance rides).  You can play at the level that fits you and your horse, with some fun and excitement to see how far you can go over the course of the ride season.

But let it be known…as soon as you make that ride decision and sling your leg over the saddle, you are already a winner in our book! ☺

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