CALLING ALL GREEN BEANS Registration is open for 2016

Notice: The sign-up sheets for TEAMS 2016 and INDIVIDUAL 2016 are posted on the website.

Now is the time to be considering formation of TEAMS (five riders, on any horse/s)  or if you will ride as an Individual Competitor in 2016 (one horse/one rider) . No fees are due at sign up, we just want a feel for how many TEAMS or Individual competitors will be signing on for 2016. We have to build scoring spreadsheets to accommodate ☺ Fees have been reduced by 50%. Fees for either competition (you can only belong to one or the other in 2016 ) will be $10 for the competition year. The fees will be set aside for prizes and shipping of year end prizes. No payment is due at this time. Those who sign up will be notified by email when payment is due.    In order for us to offer Individual this year we must have 15 sign on for the competition.

Come ride with us in 2016!

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