This one “is” for the big dreamers, the big doers…

Our group had one of our members set his sites on The Old Dominion ride last month.  Not “just” the Old Dominion.  The 100 mile, doing it CAVALRY. Dale Weaver, big dreamer, big doer.  These are the folks we end up holding in awe…and make you wonder what they have that you don’t, that they can carve out a mega-goal, and JUST DO IT.   I’m kind of a data nerd so when I’m impressed, I like to check myself back into reality by looking at ride records.   Looks like he did a handful of LDs, then a 50 in  2013,  moved into 50’s in 2014,  then in 2015 did back to back 50’s as prep, then on to the 100.   Any of this sound familiar to you all?   It takes how long to build a horse’s bone, tendon, and cartilage?  Three years.   I say all of this to go here:  It isn’t “magic” that makes big dreams come true.  It is planning, hard work, and deciding to JUST DO IT.

Not all of us have such lofty goals.  That is very much okay.  We all are riding the distance thing for our own reasons and within our own financial margins.  But if you are thinking of the big dream, find you a “big dreamer” who knows how to knock the ball out of the field, and have yourself a long chat with that person.  Find a mentor that knows the ropes, and listen carefully.  Then dream big! 

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