News about the Individual Green Bean Championship Competition 2016

 Here is a sneak peak at what the Individual Competition will look like next year.

  1.  If you are riding TEAMS you will not be able to compete in Individual.  So you will either sign onto TEAMS or sign on to Individual.
  2. The fee to sign onto the Individual competition for the entire year will be a flat $10 fee. (this money will go into a pool for the prizes.)
  3. The individual competition will be ONE RIDER/ONE HORSE declared when signing up.  So be sure “which horse” you think can get you where you want to be by end of the competition.
  4. You will be able to earn bonus points from certain non-riding activities:  Intro clinics, Intermediate Clinics, Advanced Clinics, Intro Rides, Ride Volunteer Activities, and turning in pulls & rider options (for data collection purposes) can all earn you bonus points.  By printing out the form on the forms page, taking them with you to rides, you can add to your point totals.  The idea behind the bonus point application is all these activities allow a person to grow in the sport, meet new contacts, and support the ride managers, gain new knowledge.  We believe that is worth something.  
  5. Prizes:  the prizes are going to be dependent on how many sign onto the ride.  TEAM prize money will go into the TEAM budget for prizes, and Individual into the Individual National prize budget.   Then prizes will be given according to the budget!  Under consideration is High Point Individual, High Mileage Individual, and High Point Volunteer.    If the pool of riders is small, we will have the Green Bean National High Point.   We will publish more on this after sign up!   By lowering the cost to participate, prizes will be meaningful, but not high dollar so what we have, is what we will spend.

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