Forming a Team or competing Individually for 2016

If you are considering joining the TEAM competition with Green Bean © now is a great time to be strategizing on your TEAM picks.  Forming a team for some will be a big deal, if they are very competitive, and maybe a little daunting if the bean is still dewy and fresh!  It will all boil down (love the cooking vernacular) to rider goals.   We’ve given this some thought and are discussing  two  “possible” riding venues and how these will work moving into 2016.  But here is my unsolicited advice:

*If you really enjoy working on a common goal with others, join a TEAM.  It is a lot of fun, gets your foot in the door to meeting new friends, and possibly having conditioning rides as well.  Remember though that TEAM members can come from any of the regions, and are not required to ride together.  TEAM members will ride for points. as will their team-mates, and the goal at the end of the season is to win the Green Bean Team Championship.  To put this into perspective we have logged well over a hundred TEAM rides and we have half a year left to go!   So if this sounds like your hybrid variety of green beaning, TEAM competition is for you.  Form a TEAM of like-minded riders, and see how you place by the end of the year.  To work together for a common goal may be rewarding in itself.

*Not everyone is TEAM oriented.  There are personality types out there that love the solo time with their horse, and really couldn’t give a rat’s petunia about group activity.  This person rides for their own reasons, and is looking for an individual goal that reflects their work, and theirs only.  This person would opt out of TEAM and sign up for INDIVIDUAL which is mileage based and awards the high mileage Green Bean the Mileage Championship.  Please note that if you will ride on a TEAM you will not be able to ride or score in the INDIVIDUAL format.  Riding solo as an individual is a challenge.   Is this your year? 

Stay tuned into the .org website for news on enrollment, award structure, and deadlines for sign up.    Start talking among yourselves about who you want on your TEAM next year!

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