Strategies for Cooling your Horse

Cooling out a Hot Horse
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Provide a Proper Cool Down for your Horse
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Cooling out Over-heated Horses
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Opinions of cooling techniques among high level riders in various disciplines.

 Heat Stress in Horses
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Heat Stress Too Hot to Trot?

And because it is hot….let’s not forget the electrolytes!
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Quick take-a-ways from the above article:

  • Horses loose up to 30 teaspoons of salt per hour during competition.
  •   Try to replace about half of the estimated electrolyte losses from sweat.
  • The first ingredient on the label of your electrolyte should be SALT (not dextrose or other sugary substance). “If a commercial electrolyte mix with more than 15% sugar is purchased, the consumer is basically paying for sugar—not electrolytes.”
  •  “Only hydrated horses should be given electrolyte supplements.”

Ride safe!!!

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