Who and What is a “Green Bean”

In the broader terms a Green Bean in endurance is a rider who is brand new or lacks much experience and has never done an endurance ride.

In terms of the Green Bean Endurance competition a Green Bean is a rider with less than 1000 miles.  Why 1000 miles?  In our discussion with the sanctioning body of the rides it was suggested that mentors have this minimum of experience before “teaching” others the sport.   So for the purposes of the competition a rider with less than 1000 miles is still considered to be “green.”

The Green Bean groups at large in all the various regions somewhat take this approach:  If you don’t know something, or lack confidence in what you do know, or you have a lot of heart for Green Beans and want to help new people grow and gain excitement for the sport, you may identify yourself as a fully ripe bean and mentor on!

So there are many definitions to what a Green Bean is, depending on to whom you are having the dialog with, and the many windows of inexperience that any individual may have.  But the one thing we know, is it’s okay to be GREEN.  The learning curve is huge (in the bigger picture) as you will learn something new at about every ride for a very LONG time.

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