Endurance Crossword

1. to be withdrawn from ride by the vet
6. riders carry a couple of these
7. a person or people who help you compete
9. spare shoe for the horse
12. an activity used to cool the horse
17. a danger to the horse
18. a person who teaches you, shares info
19. the name given to the location of a ride
22. assessment of a horse's condition
24. horse is pulled by the rider
25. initials of the best competitive venue!
27. heart rate determines recovery method
28. most common breed competed
29. increase your distance from 25 to 50
32. used to determine gait abnormality 
2. unable to pass the trot out
3. a period of rest for the horse
4. a person who gives their services
5. the top ten horse in most superior form
8. inside and outside, hydration, cooling
10. known as the beast of the east
11. wonderful dunkable tack material
13. a place to keep your horse at a ride
14. check capillary refill here
15. a person who puts on a ride
16. where the horse's condition is recorded
20. given to replace salt/minerals
21. assures the welfare of the horse
23. where you put your fanny on the horse
26. best known 100 mile ride in the west
27. what you set up when you get to a ride
30. sanctioning organization
31. a marked segment of the trail

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