A message from one of your co-directors

They say that the journey to 100 miles begins with one step.  This rider continues plugging along however slowly onward.  Through my distance riding “experience” I have felt many things.  Loneliness, frustration, embarrassment, happiness, sadness, joy, pride, protectiveness, anger–many diverse and polar feelings and emotions.  I’ve wanted to quit.  I’ve refused to quit.  Pushed my limits for my very late start into the sport, and in the depths of me I still linger and long for one, God find a way…just one 100 mile ride before I’m too old or two injured to get the job done.  My endurance experience has brought out the worst in me and likewise the best.  But in no sport can you just ride, really ride, like in our sport of endurance.

Today was an incredibly special day for me. It was different in such a profound way given the unremarkable circumstance of when and where it happened,  that wrapping words around it is just very difficult to explain.  All I can say is that it transcended my feelings of when I finally got to finish a 50 a couple of years ago.   I went to talk to the person who does our group’s embroidery and she asked me about Green Bean.  Where the riders are from, what we do, how far we go, what it takes to get a horse to that athletic ability.  I am not a talker.  You will find me hid out at a ride sitting with  my horse, or kicked back reading in my trailer.   Speaking in public does not appeal to my introverted self in any way.  But talk I did.  As I spoke to her about distance riding, and the diversity of age,  and how our riders have been moving up to100 mile rides…  I felt this thing rising up in me.  This beautiful, emotional thing of the heart talking about our sport, our horses, and our group.  Nothing like it has ever happened to me before.  Though I do a poor descriptive here, it was similar to love.  When you love someone so much that your heart swells in your chest just looking at them or thinking of them.  That is what I feel for our Green Bean Endurance group.  That deep, so glad I’m in this, where ever it takes me, love of our sport, however  we each might  envision it.  I thank you all for the trust you place in us.  For how you strive to reach new goals and put your horse’s first.  How you conduct yourselves, and cheer one another on… and make me so proud of your growth.   It is a beautiful thing ♥ 

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