If you are new and planning to compete 2016!

Some FYI’s!

  • The Green Bean Endurance competition is NOT A RACE.  We do not reward riders for placement.  We do not encourage racing if you are an inexperienced rider.  The entire competition is directed towards COMPLETION.   You earn points based on distance completed.     An LD earns  points = to the distance completed.   Longer distances earn points = to the distance + a multiplier (extra points).
  • If you are in the On the Vine (total combined AERC miles less than 100 miles) or in the Picked category (total combined AERC miles less than 500 combined AERC miles)  we strongly encourage that you find a mentor.  We will describe a mentor as someone who has over 1000 AERC miles in the 50 mile distance (minimum) with a good completion rate.  You can find your proposed mentor’s ride record on the AERC website.   Be sure the person mentoring you has a solid background like this.  It is a safeguard for you and even more so for your horse.  If you cannot find a mentor please contact us and we will assist you with finding the list.
  • Green Bean Endurance © is IN NO WAY AFFILIATED or directed by AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference).   We are a volunteer group of AERC riders, who felt a competition that matches experience level would be fun, so we launched this thing.  So it is important to know that AERC is not a sanctioning body of this group.  We simply track your ride data/ record.   However, we do want each and every rider to understand that AERC & the ride managers of AERC are putting on the rides we all ride and good rider citizenship is important.    Use it in ride camp, use it on the trail.
  • Green Bean Endurance © is not a business.  We are a tiny group of volunteers just hoping to provide fun ride venue for Green Beans.   
  • Liability.   When you fill out your ride registration you are agreeing to release all liability for injury or damage. We are merely taking the information you give us, and ascribing a point value to it.  We expect you to ride sensibly.  Horse riding in general is a risky business.  We each are only responsible for ourselves at the end of the day.
  • Know the Rules of the competition.  We will post the rules prior to initiating  and posting the SCOREBOARD.    The 2016 rules will be on a white tab in the pages area of the website.  Click on it, read the rules when posted for the ride you are signed up for.  TEAMS rules will be somewhat different from INDIVIDUAL rules.  Be sure you read and understand your personal set of rules.
  • Questions about the competition should be posted here on the website.   Often riders post questions on FACEBOOK and though the ride secretaries do look at FACEBOOK, we also have full time jobs, and compete our own horses.  If all questions are posted on the website here, we can have them all in one place to quickly look at and address an answer.  
  • Payment of your donated ride fee.   We ask that you do not pay the $10 until you receive an email from one of the Co-directors (Debra Moe or Jacke Reynolds) in January.   We are still dispersing awards for 2015 and it is the Christmas season (busy…busy….busy).  Please wait!
  • Each rider is responsible for their scoring.  Yes you!!!  You will be asked to submit each ride timely.   The last month of the competition we want your rides turned in a.s.a.p.  If you note an error on the scoreboard contact one of the ride secretaries for correction right away!   We track a lot of people so a data entering error is possible though we try to be very careful in that regard.
  • Get familiar with this website.  Especially the tabs up above.  This is where you will submit your rides.   Note:  We will have a submit a ride tab/ page for TEAMS and a submit a ride for INDIVIDUAL.  Make sure you use the correct form.   

Further questions?   Contact us at admin@greenbeanendurance.org

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