Green Beans galore at INDY!

The ride at Indy on May 15th was hopping with a couple Teams from our Green Bean Endurance competition:   Tracey Roush, Laura McCormack, Cassie Green from the Jolly Greens.  Tammi Thomas, Scott Thomas, Lisa Spencer, and Jacke Reynolds from Appy Inc.  Sharon Knight from Ride the Glide, Martina Dale and Hannah Osbourne from the Trail Blazers and Heather Schwebke in the Individual!  All put in a great effort in some really muddy (slippery) conditions.  All  teams garnering points for the Bean-dom ☺  Eleven riders accounted for present!

Tracey’s horse Dallas: “Stick me with a fork, I’m done.”
Well…actually he could have hit it again…very bright, alert, and happy pony!

 Laura McCormack made her maiden voyage on her new horse.

Martina Dale from trail Blazers

Hannah Osborne

The author’s t-shirt made its debut as well. Thank you Two Horse Tack for your awesome sponsorship of new people in the sport!

Note to competitors:  Send us your photos and ride stories!  If you find I have mislabled a name (as I was unable to meet you all, just message me so I can correct it.  Thanks!!!

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