It is the 1st of May: FLASH PRIZE DRAWING DAY!

First up was Gina Hambrick.  She selected row #3 and dug up a biothane western bridle with snap-on browband from TWO HORSE TACK.  Gina is a classic type of gal and selected traditional black for her bridle.  Thank you for your sponsorship Two Horse Tack!

Western bridle with snap on brow.  $30 plus shipping at Two Horse Tack.  Minimalist, functional, & affordable. Works fabulously on the endurance trail with a rope halter beneath and looks great with a mix and match color scheme for those of you who love your color!

Our next winner Stacey Campbell selected row # 2 and she won these eye catching GREEN stirrups from The Stirrup Lady (Janet Hatch).  So  Stacey will put some color in her giddy-up, and it is our favorite color too!   These are suprisingly light weight, will keep your foot from slipping through and hanging up, and pretty colors to match your tack.   You will find Janet on facebook ☺

$50 plus shipping.

Moving on to the last row #1.   This prize is from “THE BAG HAG”  This vendor gifted us with this fabulous cantle bag in our very most favorite color.  This is a roomy bag, great for a day riding long to pack a lunch and some gear (rain poncho, hoof boot, etc).  The bag has a heavy zipper and grommets for attaching to the rings on the back of your cantle.

Custom made from “The Bag Hag.”This bag retails for $25 which includes shipping.
These bags would also be incredibly useful at the holds.  Put zippy bags of feed and grain in there, or snacks and a change of clothes, pop in a rain slicker.  The color is bright and easy to spot amid the sea of buckets and bags at an away check.    A huge big thank you to the The Bag Hag!   We have selected Daisy Bicking for this prize and and she says she’d love to have it ☺

This concludes the May FLASH PRIZE DRAWINGS!

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