Introducing a New Division: Seedling

Riding Warehouse with the prompting of our Seedlings Manager, Maranda Bibb has agreed to sponsor our newly formed mascot TEAM in the brand new Seedling Division.  The first Seedling TEAM will be the Greenie Beanies, 5 young people ages 13 and under!  Please visit here regularly to read about our youngest riders and cheer them on.  

Seedling TEAMS require a sponsor (manager).  If you are wanting to form a Seedling TEAM it requires that you follow through for the entire year supporting the kids by finding prize sponsors for their year end prizes.   Prizes should be meaningful, but do not need to be expensive.   (Small trophies, t-shirts, green reins).   If you are willing to “BEAN A VOLUNTEER” for a group of 5 seedlings contact us here:   or Maranda Bibb on facebook ☺

We are super stoked to be blessed with this first group of kids.  It’s going to be a great year!

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