A Unique Partnership/ Official Green Bean Tack

The Green Bean Competition is about more than just being “green.”  Our primary goal besides the obvious competition is our social network.   Knowing each other, finding each other at ride venues gives our group members an instant base of support, a friendly face to greet, and the ability to give the shout out on trail to encourage each other.   Our ridership being spread from West coast to East presents a problem.  How do we spot each other at rides and bring our association offline and face to face (where it counts)?  The best way we could come up with  was to have an official color, which our’s is LIME.   One thought led to another and we were able to bring our official rider shirts online as well as a lower cost alternative which Two Horse Tack supplied at zero mark up.   Shirts were a start, but there had to be other ways of getting our green on and making our group members stand out as GREEN BEANS…and a unique partnership was formed with Two Horse Tack to develop mix & match tack for our group at large.   The official tack is LIME & BLACK, but it allows you to substitute the black with (your color of choice) to individualize your set if you have a personal favorite color.   We are pretty darned happy with this arrangement and the support that Two Horse Tack has shown for the sport we love, and for our group in particular. 

 Halter bridles

 Breast collars and halters
You will see your co-director sporting this gear out and about at rides this season.  The lime/black is amazingly pretty in person ☺
Also available is the best crupper you will ever buy, as well as bit-hangers, leathers, curb straps/chains, and reins!  All out of soft, supple biothane.  14 colors, mix and match to suit your personal style.   So when you are ready to upgrade your tack,  jump off of the link on our sidebar, and join us in getting your green on☺

One of us already got our’s and it is very pretty!

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