Why Support our Sponsors?

Green Bean Endurance Competition has been blessed with an incredible line up of sponsors in our short one year and four month history.  Those sponsors have given prizes for our monthly prize give-aways (Two Horse Tack), given us promo codes (Riding Warehouse) (The Distance Depot)  (NoxGear) and (Crest Ridge Saddlery), supported one of our TEAMS (Two Horse Tack) (Beta Tack), sponsored a division (Riding Warehouse).    So you can see that we have some fabulous sponsors working towards our good.  Other sponsors that have or will come into play this year are Dabrim, Crazy Legs Tights, Hooves & Whiskers, Taylored Tack, and No Quarter Tack.   These are the folks that make it happen for our group.  They assist us with obtaining great endurance riding gear at a discount as well as giving us a structure that gives out FREE gear through the year.   Our membership is growing, and it is important to give back to these sponsors when you need to make a purchase.  It is the very best way of saying thank you.  So please remember our sponsors, and give them a green bean shout out next time you need some kind of gear for your distance riding endeavor.

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