Bruce Weary’s Wisdom: And sometimes we have trouble…

“Flash News Flash: I hadn’t intended on posting again until arriving at the Lead Follow ride this Friday, but a significant development happened a few hours ago. I wish I could say I did this while saving someone from a burning building, but I was merely walking into our bathroom, and misjudged the door jamb, thereby striking it with my foot. Hard. It turns out I have a much broader vocabulary of expletives than I gave myself credit for. I x-rayed it at my office, and found that I had dislocated one toe, and fractured the one next to it. I called an MD friend of mine and asked him to prescribe me something for the pain, as I still have to work the next two days, and I move around a lot. I could only walk with an exaggerated limp, so I did what any self-respecting endurance rider would do: I set the dislocation myself. After I regained consciousness, I taped the toes together, and took some Ibuprofen. Now, taking Ibuprofen for a fracture/dislocation is like eating M&Ms for bone cancer. I will say re-setting it helped more than anything.
So, now I am faced with the challenge of milking this for all it’s worth to my wife, Dayna, in hopes of receiving sympathy and her waiting on me hand and foot, yet still saddling up this weekend. This kind of thing takes skill and cunning. I am still planning on doing the ride, but it may be a little painful trotting with weight on that foot. We’ll see. I have lots of friends who will be at the ride, and I know many will ask me which toes are involved, so I will answer that question here publicly, so I don’t have to repeat myself. Being a doctor, I sometimes get a little too technical, so I’ll make this easy: It’s the one that didn’t have roast beef and the one that went wee, wee, wee all the way home.” ~ Bruce Weary

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