Green Bean Endurance 2016

As we are rolling into the close (three months left) of the competition for 2015 we’ve already set our sites on fun stuff for the new season in 2016.  Here are some of the offerings!


TEAMS Competition:  groups of five AERC riders with individual ride history of 1000 miles or less.  We match your team experience with others of the same and you compete in a division at your team’s level.   You may form a team local to you and ride your rides together, or you can form a team from across the country (divide and conquer).  How you set up your team is up to you.   Prequisites: You must be an AERC member, and pay the enrollment fee of $10 prior to turning in any rides for points.

TEAMS competition is different at Green Bean.  You and your horse (or someone else’s horse you might be riding) are focused on completion.  Not racing, not placing, not top ten, not BC though any of those things at some point in your riding career may happen.  That is not the point driving factor.  If you want points, you have to complete.

TEAM riders in 2016 will be required to turn in pulls, rider options, and did not completes.  There is no penalty attached to a pull, but we want to collect pull data  so we can process how mentors might better serve our members.  This data gives us vital information on how we are doing as a group, and how we might help one another.

TEAM riders in 2016 will have the opportunity to earn bonus points by doing certain things like volunteerism at rides.  We feel this gives a rider who may have a horse on layup due to injury an opportunity to give back to their team and support the ride managers at the same time.    We plan to have an award for the high point volunteer of the year 2016.

TEAM riding AWARDS in 2016 will be meaningful but not as extravagant as 2015.   We are leaning towards such things as belt buckles or tack vendor gift cards.  We’d like to hear from the membership on this!

Individual Riding (riding solo as  one horse/one rider)

Here at Green Bean Endurance we acknowledge that TEAM riding isn’t everyone’s bag.  Some enjoy the miles spent on their horse and just strive to get as many miles as they can completed in any given season.   If you are that person we have the Individual Riding competition for you.  In this division you sign up as the rider with one identified horse for the duration of the competition.   You will have to have an AERC membership  to participate (AERC is how we track your rides & and give back to our supporting organization).   As a solo rider you just focus on getting the job done, keeping your horse sound, and building that partnership.   The point structure will be the same as for TEAM riding with bonus points for certain non-riding activities, and a requirement to turn in your pulls & rider options so that we may glean data and learn as a group how best to help our riders succeed in this sport.    There will be a year end prize for the high point Individual  rider.  We will need 15 to enroll in order to launch individual and we are very close to that number…so sign up!  No fees are due at sign up.  We will send out an email concerning how to pay the $10 ride fee prior to the launch of the competition on December 1st.

We have exciting things coming to Green Bean Endurance in the future.  If you are a qualified rider (less than one thousand combined AERC miles) we’d love to have you ride with us in 2016!

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