Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets: Effective April 11, 2016

We are happy to announce a brand new and rather unique sponsorship has come on board for The Green Bean Endurance competition.  This one isn’t a promo, but will benefit our competition in a unique way.

Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets are the makers of beautiful, hand crafted (not the same old run of the mill) fly bonnets for your horse from draft, to pony sized in paisley prints, solids, sports and holiday prints.   Their creativity is incredible.

Not only are they pretty they get the job done to ward off those pesky biting flies!
Here is how Ear Me Now’s sponsorship will help our group.   For each purchase made, the purchaser can make a note on their order: To Benefit Green Bean Endurance and they will donate a fly bonnet or two for Green Bean to use in our Flash Prize Drawings, or as year end prizes.  But you must note it when making your order.   It is a low cost way to give back to our competition, and keep the flies off.  Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets are affordably priced.  Please remember us when you are placing your order ♥   This promotion with Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets goes into effect April 11, 2016.  Check them out!

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