One Size Doesn’t Fit All Or Does It?

Is endurance riding for you?  Is there a place for you in this sport that is about 5000 members strong?  The short answer to the question is a resounding YES.   You just might be interested in trying your horse at a given distance.  If so condition your horse and come to one of the many Limited Distance (25/30mile) rides across the country.  Maybe you want to test your horse /rider TEAM against the intermediate level in the sport.  Find a mentor to help you  map out a plan to make your first 50 a success.   After some success at 50 mile rides, perhaps you will aspire to riding advanced at the 100 mile level.    Distance riding / competition can be a one shot deal, or a lifetime experience. The fun is up to you!

If you are new and interested in TEAM riding, you are on the right page!  Green Bean© is the go to source for new riders (combined mileage of less than 1000 sanctioned distance miles on your record).  We offer a TEAM competition at your team’s level of experience.  Grab a few like minded ride buddies and sign up for teams 2016 on the tab up above.   Is TEAM riding a little intimidating, or just not your personal cup of tea…and you just enjoy building partnership with your horse and ride?  Sign on for the Individual competition for 2016.

Want to know more?   Click the join button (website membership is FREE).   Visit our competition page on FACEBOOK.

We hope you will join us and find your fit in 2016.

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