About our TEAM competition

We have had a few questions about how our TEAM competition works from new riders not yet involved in TEAM riding.  So I thought I’d put up a posting on how the team competition works.

The purpose of TEAM riding?

  • To connect green beans (new endurance riders) to other green beans for the purpose of a supportive social network in the endurance sport.
  • To offer a competitive platform for new riders that has them competing at their own level, against riders with similar experience.
  • To offer a fun & challenging goal for new endurance riders (which fills the gap between starting out and your first AERC patch for mileage at 250 and 500 miles).
  • To allow a team to obtain points without “having” to ride together to get them.

What is a TEAM?

  • A team consists of 5 riders.   In the 2015 competition no single rider of the group could have more than 1000 combined LD/Endurance miles sanctioned through AERC.   
  • Teams were sorted into divisions based on the team’s total combined AERC mileage/experience.  In this way teams were able to compete against teams with similar experience.

How does a TEAM get points?

  • Points are based on completion of AERC sanctioned rides.  Note that we are stressing completion here, placement will get you nothing extra (and will increase your risk of a non-completion).
  • Points are calculated on the distance you have ridden.  Limited Distance rides are worth their sanctioned mileage ( a 25 mile ride =25 points).  Endurance rides are scored with a multiplier of 1.25 (50×1.25=62.5 points), the reasoning for this is you as a rider took more risk with the 50 mile ride, you stepped up your game a bit, so you are awarded accordingly.  So as the distance goes up…so do the points earned.   Having the score system set up this way encourages careful riding, but also allows the rider to reach a little and push their personal boundaries for growth.
  • Team points are then added for each member of the team and year end the team with the most combined points at the end of ride season wins the Green Bean Endurance Championship.

What are the divisions?

  • Teams will be separated into divisions based on total number of miles (including both LD and endurance miles) completed before the current season according to AERC records.

  • Team Divisions – Based on the total number of miles completed by team members before the current ride season according to AERC records. (This is the format for 2015-may change slightly in 2016).
    • Teams whose combined total competition miles is 499 miles or less before the current ride season according to their record will be categorized as “On-the-vine” (Novice)
    • Teams whose combined total competition miles is 2499 miles or less before the  current ride season according to their record will be categorized as “Picked” (Intermediate)
    • Teams whose combined total competition miles is 2500 miles or more before the current ride season according to their record will be categorized as “Cooked” (Advanced)

    How do I put together a TEAM?

    o  Social networking on North American Endurance Green Bean (facebook page) and on the Green Bean Endurance facebook page.  Or if you have friends or know other low mileage endurance riders you can put together a team that way.

What do I win if my TEAM wins?

  • Prizes for the TEAM competition is entirely dependent on the number of entries we recieve at the beginning of the competition.  The entry fees we recieve from the TEAM members is set aside to purchase the year end prizes so the outcome of what one might possibly win is directly related to the year’s pool of entries / total combined entry fees.   So the answer is it depends!
  • If your TEAM wins you will be the designated Green Bean Endurance Team Champions ☺

 So that is the basic primer on TEAM competition in 2015.  Please note that a few things may change in 2016, and if so we will keep you posted on the rules, entry fee, and such here on this site, as well as on Facebook.

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