Learning to Ride Endurance the On-Line Way

Some of us have little to no network as far as getting  information and learning the ropes as a new endurance rider.  Though Green Bean is an online resource, we are mostly:

  • A social support network
  • A beginner level competitive venue
  • We support education of riders (though we are not your source) there are some people associating with Green Bean who do have knowledge, and share regularly (Bruce Weary for example on the national page facebook).

We recommend that you check all sources of information carefully.   As a beginning endurance rider your very best resource is and will continue to be a REAL LIVE MENTOR who has a minimum of 1000, 50 mile + endurance rides to be found in their online record over on the AERC website, with IMPORTANT a very good completion rate.    If you look at that website under education / then click on mentor you will be able to access a list of people that fit this criteria and are willing to advise you.

I like to think of our many online resources as a “think-tank”.   A place to gather and sort through information.  Consider always the source.  There is good information to be had out there on the web, but if you have no experience yourself you may not be able to easily weed through it to glean the good stuff from the bad.   There is plenty of bad out there.  So early on for your sake, and even more so for your horse’s sake scoot on over to  “the source” and find a real live mentor.   Don’t rule out someone from outside your ride area.   Even if they can’t ride “with” you does not mean they are not a valuable resource to assist you in getting the proper base on your horse, and solve problems along the way before they set you back.   If you hook up with a mentor, please remember to say thank you.  They are doing it for the love of the sport ♥

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