Green Bean Endurance Going DARK!

That is right riding members and followers of The Green Bean TEAMS competition.  Beginning September 1st you will not be able to view the scoreboard.  Why?

Your co-directors felt it might be just a bit of fun to put a little” spin on the bean.”   This last quarter of the competition will give each team to plot, plan, and use some ride strategy.  Make a run to win this thing!

Here are some ways to work this thing into your TEAMS favor.


 Say you have been going strong at LD’s as a group all season.  Have you done four?  Make a goal as a group to do a back to back LD and two or three weeks later for the whole TEAM to ride a slow 50.    The LD rides could potential bring you 250 points as a TEAM, and five of you following with a slow 50 could net you an additional 312.5 points.  That is a do-able one month competitive ride goal if your horse is in shape (meaning you’ve already completed three or four LD’s this season).   It is “that” easy to add 562.5 points for your TEAM.


So what if you or your horse just aren’t interested in the 50 mile thing (you can do it!!! sorry….) but in truth, that isn’t everyone’s bag and it doesn’t have to be.  You want to ride LD?  Let’s look at how the TEAM can bring home the points on LD.    You have five riders and say you want to ride your own horse conservatively.  The month of September, October, and November are still open for competition…let’s work it!  Make a TEAM goal of riding an LD in September, another in October, and two if possible geographically in November.    You note I said ride?  I didn’t say who’s horse?   So ride your horse on two of them, and network at those rides to ride someone else’s horse on slow completion rides on the other two.   Each rider could net 100 points X 5 riders, and your score goes up 500 points.


Maybe you have done consistent 50’s this year?  You have a great base on that horse, yes?  Find you a 100 mile AERC mentor a.s.a.p.  and shoot to finish off your year with a 100 mile ride.   You will need back to back 50’s leading up to that one…do you hear the bonus points ringing up?


The budget is shot.  Hubby is ready to trade you in for a three-legged-mule…perhaps the points you have are the limit.    Maybe family illness or injury has sidelined you, or your horse.  You know what?  You are already a winner in the GREEN BEAN COMPETITION.   Riders have really given it their personal best, no matter where they land in the point spread.  What our program is truly about is growing in the sport, getting the kinks worked out, making new connections and friendships, and becoming a bunch of great horseman and women.  All of us have done that this year.  We have a fantastic group of people.  Win, win, win, and win ☺

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