About Green Bean Endurance

From time to time people ask about our group.   So we like to post up a brief synopsis to avoid confusion out there in the greater Bean-dom ☺

We are the Green Bean Endurance Competition.  We offer a competition platform for aspiring, and mid-level endurance riders (riders with 0-999 recorded endurance miles).   Our riders pay a very small fee to participate which goes into an account to provide prizes at year end for our group of about 168 competitors.  Sponsorship provides our group with promo codes (% off) and sponsored prizes for our monthly prize drawing which benefits our competitors with prizes valued at $0-$100 with useful endurance riding gear to assist them as they attend endurance rides.  These items may be as simple as a new hay net, a bridle tag to identify them as a rider, or as large as a useful piece of tack.   Our competition is entering its second year after a highly successful 2015 that saw our riders completing their first LD’s,  first 50, first TEVIS, and first Old Dominion.   You can see there is a wide span of experience within our group in only one year.   Our participants are grouped into divisions to assist them to compete at a level somewhat within their experience. 

We are not the Green Bean movement at large, though all of us do fit into that category by our definition and belong to the various groups across the country.

Our goal is to bring our participants from ground zero to seasoned 1000 mile riders (mentors).

Our competitive group at the start this year (including returning riders from last season): 68% have less than 250 miles, 24%  have zero miles,  13% have the estimated potential this year of making it all the way through the program to mentor status (1000 miles).  Our group is diverse, and growth is the goal.

Within our broader membership are: mentors, folks that cheer the competitors on, other endurance riders who are interested in following the competition, and other equestrians who have interest in the sport.   Our promo codes are for the benefit of our entire group.   Sponsored prizes are for the support of the competitive side of Green Bean Endurance.  Sometimes a code is good for a day, a month, or a year.

Our competitions are TEAM riding; comprised of groups of five riders whose ride mileage totals are combined ranking them into a division.   We have three divisions: On the Vine (beginner), Picked (intermediate), Cooked (advanced).   INDIVIDUAL is a one horse/one rider competition.  Again the riders are ranked into On the Vine (beginner) and Cooked/Picked (combined intermediate/advanced).

We offer year end awards to our group based upon the funds we have collected.  Our prizes year end are meaningful, but not excessive (no 4-wheel drive vehicles, nada on 100 acre estates, zip on gold bouillon).  We just want to ride our horses, see what we can accomplish, and feel good about that day on our horse whipping up on a new trail out there, somewhere.  I guess you could say, this group just wants to be happy ☺

If you are new to the sport, please follow our competition this year, and give thought to joining us in 2017.   You can find us on FACEBOOK.

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