Why join the GREEN BEAN ENDURANCE website?

If you are a GREEN BEAN, reasons why you should join the Green Bean Endurance Competitive Group.

#1.  Feel like being inspired? The riders in our group tend to be competitive, and many are taking their endurance game very seriously.  We have riders going from Intro (which way is ridecamp) to crossing the 100 mile finish line.  See our TEAM riders band together in a common cause to garner completion points and rock our little Bean-dom covering thousands upon thousands of miles to reach their common goal.
 #2.  Building social networks.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go to your first rides and already have a social network in place when you get there?   How about connecting with a mentor? Or finding a ride buddy?   Green Bean is all about providing supportive social networking.
#3.  Extra $ off many very needful endurance riding items to help you get your endurance tack in order.  We are hard at work trying to save your hard earned $ on bridles, saddle pads, hoof boots, safety gear, and much more through vendor  member only promo codes from our sponsoring vendors.
#4. FLASH PRIZE DRAWINGS for some pretty cool stuff.  So far this season we’ve given away halters, leads, browbands, rain blankets, green bean bridle charms, all good vendor donated new items!   It is a members only drawing with a drawing at least monthly for three different prizes! 

#5 Membership with our group is FREE.  So come on over, fill out our short and sweet membership form.  You qualify if you are an endurance rider with <1000 miles or you are a mentor >1000 miles. So membership covers just about everyone!   Sign up today☺   Just click on the About Us tab up above, then Membership Sign-up.   Fill out the form and get ready to get your GREEN on!

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