What is Limited Distance?

Limited Distance is a competition/ride/conditioning ride (depending on your goals and mind-set) that is 25-35 miles in distance.   So you can see that what LD (Limited Distance) is can only be deciphered by you except for the fact that it is a ride of less than 50 miles.

  • LD as a competition. 

Many folks like to ride LD and have little to no interest in riding longer distance.  Some are very competitive and once their horse is fit and has a season under the saddle doing slow LD’s,  like to see how well their horse can handle an LD and begin to actually compete (trying to increase speed with a top ten ride as their goal.

  • LD as a ride.

Some riders fall into this category.  They do not care about placement, only wanting to complete, and add to their mileage patch in the LD category.   Some turtle (aim to place last), and others just go out there to enjoy the ride, finding it a reward in itself.

  • LD as conditioning.

When a rider decides to move up a notch with a goal of completing a 50 mile ride, the LD becomes a conditioning tool itself.    A series of LD’s relatively close together can set the horse up for fitness to pursue a 50 mile Endurance ride.

  • LD vs. Endurance set those…Emotions aside.

It is just plain ridiculous that some people spend and waste time trying to make some other person feel bad (or less) about the fun they are having.    Remember!     That is a “them” problem, not a YOU problem.   Find your own happy distance in the sport, claim your own personal fun distance, whatever flavor that turns out to be.    Just get out there, ride your own ride, take care of your pony, and have FUN ☺

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