Moving up in Distance

  Photo credit: Barefoot.Cassidy Rae Photography ©2016

It has been awesome to watch the progression of so many new riders in Green Bean Endurance.  Of course we only track our 25 TEAMS and 26 Individual riders (151 total).  But so many are growing as endurance riders and moving out of LD to Endurance and on to 100’s.  It has been an amazing experience to watch this progression over the course of less than 2 years!

This season, Phylicia Mann was first to break 100 riding for Girls on a Mission at Twenty Mule Team back in February.  Andrea Maitland had a very near miss at the same ride, kudos for tackling the beast!  Sarah Borkosky completed a 100 at Biltmore in May, and Laura Spear on the Spookaloosa (proper name: Quick) placed third at Sun River in Oregon.

Many of our LD riders have stepped up to 50’s and our greenest of the greens are beginning to bring home their first LD rides.   

We want to continue to encourage you all to ride your dreams, no matter the distance, and to take pride of your personal growth throughout the season.   We all start this adventure at ground zero, see how far you can grow.   

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