About the “Mother Bean” AERC

No we are not affiliated in any direct way to AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) but our rides, our goals, our ability to function as a group is dependent on the mother bean, AERC.  Why is that?

AERC is the sanctioning body of the rides that we as a group are riding.  They have been in existence since 1972.

What does AERC do for you?

Your membership fees to AERC help to pay for random drug testing which aids in keeping our sport “Clean Endurance.”   AERC also supports our international riders on a separate platform (a little sub-group under the AERC umbrella).  Registration of your horse as an endurance horse with lifetime tracking of miles completed in all divisions.  AERC also supports preservation of trails, no trails…no ride for you!

What are AERC’s goals? (Strategic Plan here)

Promotion of the endurance riding sport.
Welfare of the horses involved in the sport of endurance riding.
Education of riders so that they may participate safely.

So you can see that AERC as a small organization has many worthy goals that are good for us, good for trails, and good for our horses.  Check out the new improved website here.

Thinking of joining this nationwide family of endurance riders?  click here to join.

If you are considering joining a TEAM for 2016 at Green Bean Endurance.org © please remember that membership with AERC is a prerequisite to our competition, and doing so will save you the “day fee” charged at each ride, which will pretty much pay for your membership and put you on the path to earning awards through AERC as well.

Ride with us in 2016!

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