Introducting NoxGear Advanced Visibility Gear

NoxGear is designed to get you seen and not hurt!   I can think of several applications that this could be a great asset to our endurance riding gear. 

Making use of after dark hours for a fitness program.   It is hard to get a workout on ourselves, between jobs and conditioning our horses.  You get home, it’s dark, and most of us being women walking alone or running in the dark has some safety hazards.  Strap on a vest, light up and go.

Emergency unplanned dismount.   Suppose you are out riding alone, and you get dumped.  You are hurt, your horse has split, it’s getting dark, help is or isn’t coming, but they need a little help finding you.  Light up with the NoxGear.   Guide someone in with your phone, but be sure they find you as you light up like the fourth of July!

50-100 mile competitions.   See above!  Also you might hit roads as part of your loop in the dark.  I’ve been there and done that and I’ll tell you a car coming up behind us gave me the willys wondering if that driver could see us…wearing the visibility gear there would be no doubt of that.  Check out the Tracer.   

The device only weighs 6.5 ounces and can be seen from all directions, front, back,  and sides.   And though the application was developed with runners in mind…I can see it as a useful addition to any night time activity along roadways, or as an emergency beacon of sorts out on trail.    NoxGear!  Check it out, they even have it for your dog☺   Innovative gear to keep you seen not hurt!

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