Nominate your Green Bean Endurance Mentor

We ( Green Bean Endurance competition group/ and North American Endurance Green Bean) are having an essay contest for the Green Bean Endurance Mentor of the year award. 


  1. You must be a member  (free— click on join up above) / or North American Endurance Green Bean facebook page to enter.  Please specify on your entry.
  2. The essay must include the mentors name and a way to contact them if they win.
  3. Write a one page essay ( 200 words more or less) detailing what makes this person an outstanding mentor and how they met the mission and vision of the Green Bean movement at large.
  4. Send your entry by email to
  5. Entry must be received no later than November 30th, 2016.

The winning mentor will be awarded a prize honoring their work and commitment bringing new people into the sport. 

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