What greases your Green Bean Gears?

Probably the coolest aspect of distance riding  is that a person has no need to live up to the expectations of someone else. The most important part of riding this sport is to live up to your responsibility to your horse.   But in this process there are a myriad of possibilities to learn, to grow, to compete, to excel, or to simply seize the day!  All are worthy goals.

What follows is a list of can do possibilities for the person starting out:

  • Attend a 101 clinic.  Find new clinic offerings as they come up by clicking here.
  • Get yourself an experienced mentor.   Facebook search Green Bean Endurance Competition and North America Endurance Green Beans.  Help is plentiful on both sites.
  • Sign up with  several others and ride on a Green Bean Endurance.org © team.
  • Attend your first intro ride.  An intro ride provides you with an actual distance ride experience to show you the ropes of how things work without the added stress of actual competition.   
  • Complete your first LD, CTR, or break new ground with a CMO!
  • Complete ________ (fill in the blank) a certain goal number of LD’s.
  • Move up to back to back LD’s.
  • Move up to a 50 mile ride.
  • Ride a series of 50 mile rides.
  • Back to back 50 mile rides.
  • Prep and set your sights for a 100.

These are all incremental goals requiring preparation and commitment.    But the line you draw for good enough, or I’m happy where I am, or I’m gonna master this thing at whatever level, is entirely up to you.    So the grease for our Green Bean gears is very uniquely personal. It should be!   You are the pilot of your own success.  We hope you ride with us in 2016 ☺

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