The Most Important Distance You Will Ever Ride

Will not be the person on social media’s distance, not your BFF’s distance, not the most famous endurance rider out there’s distance. The most important ride you will ever do is the one that has your butt in the saddle, learning to become an accomplished equestrian, building your horse into a solid distance riding companion. That is the golden distance my friends and it ranges from 25-100 miles. Sound familiar?

Embrace the idea that you can set your own very personal goals for this sport, and you can feel pride in your own accomplishments, from the first successful LD to where ever you decide to take it from there. You don’t have to ride ten rides a year to be a success (unless that is your personal goal), you don’t have to top ten a ride (unless that is your personal ultimate goal), you don’t have to be high mileage rider of the year (unless that is your personal goal). What makes you a winner, is to be a starter. As soon as the trail is called open at an endurance ride you are riding your most important distance ride ever. Set your pace, settle in, enjoy the ride.

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