For the New Folks in our Group

  •   “The prospect of preparing a new horse for its first endurance training ride may seem daunting to beginners but with the appropriate planning and commitment both horse and rider will comfortably cope with their first ride. This article is a simple introduction to the feeding and training needed to adequately prepare an inexperienced horse for its first training ride. It is not intended to be a detailed program and the “further information” section at the end of this article will point you in the right direction to get more detailed literature on endurance riding.”

Source document:  Feeding and Training the Endurance Horse


  •  “Most of the research has focused on feeding horses a grain meal two to three hours prior to exercise, but a definitive “cut-off” time has not been established. Therefore, if a competition starts early in the morning, it is best to give the horse a last grain meal the previous evening. If competition starts later in the day, the last grain meal should be given early in the morning. Forage may be provided throughout the day in small amounts; however, if a grain meal is missed during the day, do not attempt to “make it up” during the next feeding by offering twice the amount. Offer the normal amount at the scheduled time.”

Source document: Feeding Strategies for Performance Horses

  • When plotting a course to reach any goal, the final expectation must be known. Without a vision the chances of reaching that goal are slim. Many riders stumble because they have no clear mental image and do not have a large arsenal of techniques. When you drove here today, you knew exactly where you were going to make turns in order to arrive in Mariposa. You may have faltered slightly, but you made it. I am sure that none of you just got into the car and began driving in hopes you would arrive today. You had a plan to get here. It is exactly the same with our horse. If we do not have a plan, how can both of us arrive at the same place at the same time?”

Source document: Preparing the Endurance Horse

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