On the fence about trying your first Endurance Ride?

Five Great Reasons to Try Endurance Riding

*REASON 1:  The miles of conditioning will give you much more solid partnership with your horse.

*REASON 2:  The trotting intervals of endurance riding burn 400 calories per hour off you.

*REASON 3: Learn a whole new discipline.  To ride endurance you can plan one ride, two rides, or a whole series of rides.  In the process you cross train your horse to use its mind and body in a new discipline.

*REASON 4:  The Green Bean Endurance social network.  A great place to make new riding friends and develop a safety and support net for your first year (and onward) in the sport.

*REASON 5: It’s fun!  You can pick your distance 25-100 miles, and train for a specific ride, or series of rides that prepares you for a pinnacle ride.   Get to go to new places, and ride beautiful trails. Meet new friends, compete against the trail, your self, or someone else, riding the horse you like, at the distance that makes you happy ☺  What are you waiting for?


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