The Clock is T-I-C-K-I-N-G / Other NEWS

Just over two weeks left to sign on for TEAMS 2016 or INDIVIDUAL 2016.   If you plan to ride TEAMS, grab yourself five riders with less than 1000 combined AERC miles (each rider) and register for TEAMS.   If you and your horse are going to try out INDIVIDUAL get signed up a.s.a.p.  Time is running short.  Once we close registration, that is it until next year! 

That said, if you have decided to not sign up for competition this year, please do fill out our FREE membership form.  We would love to have you as part of our group.  Also sign up on our competition page on FACEBOOK.  You can follow the competition there.

Get to know our group (we are a great bunch!) and please, feel welcome.  We are all GREEN BEANS, working hard to find our way in this sport.


In the works this week are some exciting and fun things!   Official Green Bean Endurance Tack will be offered in the near future.   This tack SCREAMS BEAN!  Using it will pull us together cohesively as a group.  When you spot it at a ride, be sure to give a shout out.  Woo Hoo! Green Bean!   We will also offer an Official Green Bean Endurance T-shirt for competition.  It as well lets others know you are a Green Bean, and assists finding one another at ride venues.    The purpose of these is to make our riders more visible as a group.  It tells others that you are a Green Bean Endurance member,  a competitor, and tells experienced endurance riders that you are “finding your way.”   We will announce these items as they come online, and add them to the Green Bean Store.  Stay tuned!

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