A word or two…or three…about Sponsorship

Green Bean Endurance is “loosely” a group that would be defined as an unincorporated association.   Meaning, it belongs to the members of the group, no one person or entity.   We do not seek to make a profit, and the principles that tend this garden, are not receiving revenue.  We only are reimbursed for actual physical expenses of the group (shipping fees, purchased prizes, year end awards, the website).  As one of the Co-Directors of the Green Bean Endurance competition I exempt myself from receiving prizes from any of the drawings.   So it is important for you to know, that sponsored prizes go back to the group either directly as physical prizes, shipping of those prizes, or tape to seal the box to send it.   

In regard to sponsorship we have been very blessed to have a few companies really do something nice for our group.   Especially so that they believe in the importance of this group enough to come back and do it again.   So unexpected, makes it all the more meaningful.  

 Sponsors for 2016

If you are an endurance rider,  or a competitor at heart willing to sponsor a year end prize for TEAMS or INDIVIDUAL competition, please contact us at admin@greenbeanendurance.org
Our goal for our group is to bring new riders safely into the sport, give them competitive goals based upon their experience level, build their social network and sense of belonging within a very large sport.  We feel it is important to nurture this garden for the future of the sport.
We thank you all ♥

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