Our TEAMS roster is filling for 2016

We will close the registration form in just a couple of weeks.  Once that is done the scoreboards will go live, and points/ mileage race will be on for both TEAMS and the INDIVIDUAL competition.

The first rides for Individual & TEAMS have both come in at 50 miles for each.  If you will not launch your riding until SPRING this is a very good time to conspire and build a strategy to maximize your points!   In the TEAMS category this is best done by building up to 50 mile completion rides,  if it is within your horse’s capability.    In INDIVIDUAL there are all kinds of crazy (and fun) ways to build the points through BONUS objectives (volunteerism, clinics, intro rides, or being the first to turn in a given distance each quarter of the competition).   So look at the rides as they become available and do a little bit of “plotting” with your TEAMS riders as how best to maximize your ride season.     If you are a zero INDIVIDUAL rider starting out a suggestion would be to attend a clinic, volunteer at a ride one day, and compete the next.  You can easily accrue solid point value weekends in this manner without overtaxing your horse in any way.

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