The 2014-2015 ride season at Green Bean Endurance is going to soon be a wrap only nine days left!  If you rode with us in 2015 be sure you contact us as soon as possible to claim your completion prize &/ or awards for the season.  Everyone who rode needs to click on this link to claim their award.  If you turned in a ride that means you ☺

Verification of the winning TEAMS will soon follow.  So check out your scoreboard here and if there were any rides missed contact us a.s.a.p.

If you plan on riding some endurance this coming season 2015-2016 we’d love to have you join us.  Why?  Fun, affordable, and just for Green Beans (less than 1000 LD+Endurance riding miles).  Points are mileage based (not placement) so that you can have a competitive experience and ride slow and safe.   Ask to join our competition page here.  We will approve you and you can read about what other’s have accomplished this past year, and get a feel for the great competitive group that Green Bean Endurance has become.   We have two competitions planned for 2015-2016.   TEAMS and Individual.   Sign up is here.   The cost to join TEAMS or Individual (you can only join one or the other) is a $10 prize donation fee which covers awards for the group.   We will not invoice the fee until January so everyone can get through the holidays without one more worry.  But we would like you to sign up now, so we can prepare our electronic spreadsheets in advance.

Green Bean Endurance is on the move!  Grab your pony, let’s ride!

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