Needful Things at an Away Check

When participating in an endurance or LD ride you may run into something called “an away check”.  This is a hold and vet check at a location away from the main ride camp from which you started.   Often you will not know you will be having one of these until the ride meeting, so it is important to be prepared just in case.  If you do not have crew, ride management will normally haul your stuff to the check in the back of a pick up.  Your things will need to be easy to spot, well-marked with your identity, packed up neatly, and have many needful things jammed into it.

First thing is a crew bag or a tote.   Your can find this at many vendors such as The Distance Depot.    The bags will hold much of what you may need.   On the other hand a rubbermaid type
tote can do the job and will repel rain, mud, and snow.  What you put your stuff in is a personal choice.   In this you will have a flake of hay, an electrolyte syringe,  your horse’s favorite grain mix, carrots, apples, or horse cookies, and some kind of rain sheet or light cooler as weather dictates, and a couple of collapsible feed water buckets.  In the side pocket a hoof boot.  For yourself, a few bottles of water, a snack or lunch, band-aids, anti chafing cream, desitin, dry socks if it is a rainy day, disposable rain poncho, human electrolytes, a large trash bag, gloves, and whatever small item you think you might need (such as a scissor clip, shoe lace, vet wrap, duct tape, or boot repair kit).   Having little zippered pouches for each thing and zip lock bags will help this process, you don’t want to just pile it all in the bag!  Organize in category of use, maybe use a certain color bag for each so that you can easily grab out only what you need at the moment, stow it into its own pouch, and back in the crew bag.  Caution: do not over stuff your bag, it will quickly ruin your zippers if you do.   The point is to be reasonably prepared without running out of space, which can be a challenge!   When you are all done, you or crew will need to repack and get the gear back into the truck it came in. 

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